Update 9m23da


Added Flans mod and 3 new content packs

How to install:

Place the “Flans Mod-1.7.10-4.10.0” into your mods folder DOWNLOAD HERE

Extract the .zip folder DOWNLOAD HERE.

Place the “Flan” folder into your .minecraft folder NOT YOUR MODS FOLDER

Start the game as usual

Scoutcraft Discord Server

Scoutcraft is pleased to announce the release of its public discord server. If you have not used discord before, it is like skype, but without a webcam and multiple people may join into one call. If you are having trouble installing the mods, or there is a glitch on my server, then you may go into the server-help channel. If you want to talk with other players, then you can talk in private channels.

If you need help installing discord, you may watch a youtube tutorial.

Once in discord, press the “+” on the left side of your screen and click “Join a server”. Then paste this link: https://discord.gg/uwRA53h

-ScoutCraft Server

Hawaii Map

2017-08-05_17.02.38Recently on the scoutcraft creative server, a set of beautiful tropical islands was discovered. Many players are starting to build there so here is a bird’s eye view of the main Hawaiian island. Other islands, once explored, may be posted here as well. Once you have completely explored an island you may post the image of the map in the comments of this post. Thank you.

Interested in joining in on the fun? Download the current modpack Here and receive the server ip from the private discord server or through a current trusted player.

Update 7m20d- New Modpack

Hello! I have created a new mod pack, with the server being in CREATIVE mode. Everything is free! Biomes O Plenty adds a vast world for building cities and McHeli provides planes and helicopters to get there! The purpose of this mod pack is to explore and build cities, roadways, airports, and much more at no cost, making it easier for newer players to build.

Download the mod pack on the downloads tab. Extract the .zip file and delete all mods previously in your mods folder and add the new files into your mods folder.

Run the mods on 1.7.10 forge.

*NOTE: The Plugin server is saved and will return after this modpack


Update 7m5da

Update Type: Scoutcraft server

Version: 7m5da

Reason: Mod modification

Started Update: 7/5/17 8:29 MST

First Successful Run: 7/5/17 8:32 MST

Change Log:

  • Added MonoBlocks Mod

Download Requirements:


>>>>>>>>>>>>Find these downloads on the downloads tab

-Scoutcraft Server