Update 6w14da

Update Type: Scoutcraft server

Version: 6w14da

Reason: Mod modification

Started Update: 6/14/17 8:20 MST

First Successful Run: 6/14/17 8:28 MST

Change Log:

  • Added Ender IO and Ender Core

Download Requirements:

NEW SPECIFIC version of Optifine     – Delete old one

Ender IO

Ender Core

>>>>>>>>>>>>Find these downloads on the downloads tab

-Scoutcraft Server

Update 6w13db

Update Type: Scoutcraft server

Version: 6w13db

Reason: Mod modification

Started Update: 6/13/17 8:20 MST

First Successful Run: 6/13/17 8:28 MST

Change Log:

  • Changed Config file “SpiceOfLife”- food.modifier.enabled=true to food.modifier.enabled=false
  • Removed diminishing return


-Scoutcraft Server


Server Update 6w13da and Website update

Minor bug fix update 6w13da-

  • Not enough items is now mandatory to join the server
  • Fixed server compatibility with NEI- [items staying in crafting grid]

Please respond with any bugs you have found below

Website Update-

  • All updates will be posted to the forums tab
  • Email will no longer be used to send mods and/or update information

-Scoutcraft Server


Progress Update 3/1/17

At the moment I am writing this post, the server is still only about 50% completed for the BETA release. The completion percentage of the full release is approx. 10%. It is taking a substantial amount of time longer than I had planned, so the BETA release date may be pushed further into the future. I would like to ask everyone how complete they would like the server before they see it. The full release, not including updates and new features, should be complete around the beginning of May.

Here is a list of features I plan to complete for the BETA release:

  1. Server Hub
  2. 3 mini-games: MazeRunner, Skywars, and Duels and their respective hubs
  3. Custom survival plugin server, with features TBD (if you have any suggestions, please reply with plugin ideas)



Please reply to this post as follows (copy and paste for format; Italics are for you to change):


My Hype: Your rating         

(On a scale of angry to happy face, how hyped are you for the new server?)

I would like to play on the server by: Date          

(So I can judge how much time I have to prepare for the BETA release)

It would be awesome if you could make a ____ plugin for the survival server!: What you would write in the Blank

I have a question!: Ask any other questions here


Thank you,






Server Progress 2/24/17

In addition to the new form of communication for news, i.e. the website, a lot of progress has occurred on creating a new bukkit (plugin) server.

On a side note I want to clear up a few questions people were asking. 1) The server is bukkit which means you do NOT need to install any client-side mods. 2) I am developing all the plugins myself, so do not recommend other people’s plugins to me. 3) I am however looking for ideas to develop into gamemodes, so please reply with ideas.

I will continue to post new updates every few days or so on the progress of the server, in addition to weekly Tuesday updates.

Update Log:

-Added Commands: /gmc, /gms, /speed, /sclear

-Finished Main Hub


-William Rogers (scoutcraft owner)

Tuesday Update 2/20/17

It has come to my attention that players have not been active on the newly reset server. I have come to the conclusion that it would be best to start a plugin/vanilla server. I would like to ask the community what: commands, gamemodes, and other plugins should I custom make. I am a mid beginner at writing plugins in java, so it may take a substantial amount of time to create them.
Please respond to this email with ideas of what I should add (Try to think about what would be fun to play or have on the server).
If you would like skywars, then please respond with a rough layout of the maps you would love to play on.
Thank you,

Tuesday Update 2/6/17

This Tuesday there will be no update but a discussion about my server.
Due to many bugs (errors) and crashes, I want to ask the community if we should reset the server.
The server reset would reset the world and I would change the mod pack entirely. Sorry for those of you who enjoy playing vanilla minecraft (no mods), but for me personally, I have lost interest of vanilla minecraft completely. Therefore hopefully I will choose or design a mod pack with a perfect balance of magical/ fun and the tech mods (which I enjoy). I know many of you have quit playing and lost interest in the mod pack and due to a recent series of crashes (Lagging out every 5 minutes), I think it would be in the best interest of the server to reset. I would like to apologize to the new players who are just now advancing in the mods, as many of us have already got infinite ores and even completed all the mods.
More about next season
I would like next season to be very different from the last mod pack and have mods everyone would enjoy. I have noticed a substantial decrease in fps (I am now averaging around 15) and next season would be preferable to find mods which do not cause much lag. I have determined substantial lag has come from these mods: Weather2, ToughAsNails, and PamsHarvestCraft. I would like everyone to reply to this email with their three favorite mods (not included in the list before). You may suggest any mods which are very similar to the ones listed, but are less full of items. For example, you could suggest a food mod that’s not pamsharvestcraft. I would like to stay away from mods that we have already played with and explore new ones. I will most likely choose a mod pack and add your suggestions to it. Skyblock is a possible option for a mod pack and it would decrease lag, but deciding when everyone logs on and playing with everyone would be difficult, as skyblock is a very solo (or team) based game. Please do not be offended if I do not add your mod that you suggested as I will deny mods with good reason.
When does next season start?
Next season will start as soon as I gather all of your suggestions and set up the mod pack and server. This should be at latest Friday (2/10/17), but could even be out on Wednesday.
What about next… next season?
The season after this new one will be probably modded, but it is possible for it to be a minigame server for a while with a survival sub-division server. Designing custom plugins would be a challenge on my part, but it is up to you whether I should do so or not.
Thank you all for understanding my decision, and I hope you all agree.
-William Rogers (scoutwilliam) Owner of scoutcraft